Take ‘Everyday’ Photos – Now!

Just this week I clicked on a Facebook link that took me to Tami Koenig’s  “Your Story Coach” blog and the “7 Photo Memories to Capture Now” and I had an “Aha, I should be doing this moment!”

Actually, to be honest, I had an “Aha, I should have already been doing this moment.”

Quite some time back, I attended a scrapbooking workshop, and the instructor advised us to take photos of the inside of our home.

Take photos, she suggested, of each part of each room, including the wall hangings, the way the furniture is arranged, and, well, just everything, including one thing I never would have dreamed of doing, the views out each window, because as Tami Koenig reminds us in her blog post above, things change.

And sometimes, things change unexpectedly, such as when an earthquake occurs, a tornado hits, a flood damages, or a fire destroys.

So, the best time, as Tami says, to take those photos, is now, today.

And many years ago, when I first heard that instructor’s advice to take a photo of the view out each window, it was already too late.  A house fire had destroyed the home that I grew up in, and that window of opportunity was already gone!

For more ideas on other photos you might want to capture now, tuck a camera in your purse, read Tami’s  “7 Photo Memories to Capture Now” blog post, and head out the door.



4 Responses to “Take ‘Everyday’ Photos – Now!”

  • This is great advice, Sherry. I have plenty of old family pictures, but very few recent ones. I’ve wished, many times, that I had taken more photos of my mom and dad in the years just before they passed away.

  • I know what you mean, Jean. There are so many ‘photographs’ that exist only in the memories in my head!

    How I wish I could push a print button on those memories and print that picture out.

    I would never have thought of taking photos out the window of the house I grew up in. I took that view for granted. But, now, I wish I could just have a photo of the way it looked, the garden bursting with tomatoes and corn, the apricot tree in bloom, and the cattle lined up to get milked.

    Bless you for stopping by!

  • Thanks, Sherry, for the mention! It’s always nice to find that someone is reading my blog! It’s funny that we need to be reminded to capture our memories on film, but I need constant reminding. I always remember “just too late” — like right after an old favorite building is torn down! Sigh… So thanks for spreading the word, reminding folks to capture those images now!

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