Day 6 – 365 Days of Memories – My Earliest Childhood Memory

Day 6 – 365 Days of Memories – My Earliest Childhood Memory

Today’s Question is;  What is Your Earliest Childhood Memory?

It was my intent to post a new question to write about every day for 2018.

Now, I’m writing the Memory for Day 6, and today is already January 13th.  I’m 7 days short already! So Sorry!  Maybe I should have tried for 52 weeks of memories!

One of my earliest memories was one between my oldest brother and I.  We were in the pasture, in the back of the old Chevy grain truck that Mom would later nickname “Wobble Knees.” It was cold.  We both had our heavy coats on, and we could see our breath, and the breath of the cattle that we were (well, he) was feeding, as he pitched ensilage over the side of the truck to our dairy cattle.

For some reason, he must have agreed to let me tag along. (Or maybe Mom begged him to take me.)  I had to be somewhere between two and three years old, so it was really nice that he let me go.

Dad usually fed the cattle. But that evening, my brother was the one pitching the silage down to them.  Maybe Dad was ill, but my brother was always good to help Dad, especially after Dad’s heart attack.

The reason that this sticks in my mind is because the question that I kept asking my brother was one that he didn’t answer, and couldn’t answer, to my toddler satisfaction.

I must have just been to Sunday School, and we must have studied how God made the world and everything in it, because the question that I continued to ask him was: “Who made God?”

His reply was that God was, and always had been, and always would be, and that no one made God.

My next question, and the next many questions, was: “But. Who. Made. God?”

I know that I asked him that question many times, and I remember that he was patient, if a little exasperated, by the time the cattle were fed.

I don’t remember how he got me sidetracked, nor if he ever convinced me that God was, and always had been, and always would be, and was the Creator, not the created.

In fact, it’s just that that little scene that has replayed in my memory throughout my life, and I’ve wondered if that exchange has played a part in my faith today.  And I’ve also wondered if my question might have helped trigger my brother’s desire to become a minister.

That last is a question that I can no longer ask him, as he went home to be with the Lord in December of 2012.

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  • Gloria Heitman:

    I wasn’t sure how to contact you. I don’t think I am related to you. But my mom mentioned her friend that she worked with in a restaurant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I even remember my mom getting and sending cards to her friend Peggy Glaze in Kansas. When I looked up the name, I found a few Margaret Glaze in Kansas. I asked my mom today and she said Peggy’s last name was Stocking before Glaze. My mom thought her husband at the time was in the navy and that is why Peggy was working in Milwaukee at the Quaker Kitchen. One of Peggy’s sisters wrote a nice letter to my mom to tell her that Peggy had died. I asked my mom if Peggy could have been 10 years older than my mom and she said yes. And I even remembered that her friend worked at the post office in Kansas.

    • So very nice of you to write! Yes, you have found the right Margaret “Peggy” Glaze! She was my aunt, my dad’s sister. I had forgotten that they were in Wisconsin. It kind of seems to me as if they might have lived in Minnesota too for a time! Peggy died on 16 July 1977 at the age of 62. I was told she had a heart attack.

      Please tell your mother hello! I’m sure that Peggy would have loved hearing from your mother! I miss her!

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