I’ll Be Home For Christmas – Bing Crosby

Sherry Stocking Kline
December 7th, 2009

If you asked me what my favorite Christmas song was, I’d have to hem and haw and then answer with about 20 different songs, all favorites, each in their own way.

But “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” has always tugged at my heartstrings. Every time I heard it, I’d tear up even when I still lived at home, even when all my family still lived close and all were still alive.

I grew up hearing Bing Crosby sing it, early version with the beautiful photo slide show is special.

We all want to be home for Christmas…

It seems no matter how old I get or what stage in life I am, this song still makes me teary.

Don’t we all want to be home for Christmas? And maybe at different times in our lives we’d like to really go back home and be a child again, when life was carefree, the worries were someone else’s, and in my case, when my family circle wasn’t missing my father.

When I was in college at K-State, though I loved college and my friends, I so looked forward to going home where my family would be at Christmas time.

Now, with my family grown and my brother’s families grown, there’s always an empty spot where one or another of the children weren’t able to make it home for Christmas, or others in the family went to celebrate with their in-laws.

There are More Empty Places in the family circle…

And in the past few years, there are more and more empty places in the family circle that will never be filled again.

And so, the words of this song “I’ll be home for Christmas, if only in my dreams” tug at my heartstrings more and more each year.

4 Responses to “I’ll Be Home For Christmas – Bing Crosby”

  • Oh Sherry you are right – I’ll Be Home For Christmas get me every time. What started out as a very popular song during World War II has become a Christmas classic.

    I think it captures the essence of the holiday for many of us: the desire to be together even when distance or other events place us apart. For some of my family who’ve passed on I know that they are with me in my heart and memories each Christmas.

  • You are right, Thomas, they are with us in our heart, memories, and thughts, and we have the “remember the time thats…” to talk about as well each Christmas.

    Paraphrasing the recently deceased Jim Rohn, motivational speaker, who always ended his speeches with the comment that the audience took his information and notes with them, and that he took them away in his heart and memory. He said it better, but it was nice…

    Merry Christmas, Thomas, and thank you for all your encouragement AND valuable advice and help!

  • Joan:

    A tear or so of love for those who have places in our hearts is always a good thing, Christmas or not.

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