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Hey there, “Lil Red Riding Hood”… More Adventures in Blogging

by Sherry Stocking Kline

November 14, 2009

One of Randy Seaver’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenges for September was to blog about our favorite songs. See that SNGF post here.

That was a tough assignment!

I love music, and so many of my favorite songs are tied with memories, some good, some bad, some inspirational, and some sad.

There’s too many favorites to count, but Randy’s challenge brought to mind one song that we had such fun with while we were in high school because it brings back so many fun memories.  And of the time  right before high school graduation, before we went off to college, or to war, or for some to get married. It was a time when we had few responsibilities.

Sam the Sam and the Pharoah’s “Lil Red Riding Hood” was ‘the’ song to sing with a carload of teens dragging Main Street in the ’60’s.

You Could Howl Out the Window…

You could sing at the top of your lungs, howl out the window at passing cars and pedestrians, and in general, just act silly.

It was right before most cars had seat belts and there were no seat belt laws, so even my mom’s little white Ford Fairlane 500 might have six passengers.  (No alcohol was involved in our little group, it was just a bunch of silly teens having fun.)

Anyway, thanks to Twitter buddy @bonnie67, who read my “I don’t know how to embed a video” Tweet, and offered these instructions at Bonnie67’s Blog!

Thank you, Bonnie!

So here, thanks to Bonnie, are Sam the Sham and The Pharoah’s.

(And please – Feel free to sing along, and howl at the appropriate times….)

P.S. I had to go into my WordPress HTML tab to add in the coding for embedding the code.  I apologize, but I don’t know how any other blog hosts require it done!

It was Harder Than I Thought!

By – Sherry Stocking Kline

Everything I read on-line said that creating a blog was easy.

Get a domain name. Pick a ‘spot’ to host it. Start writing.

Or in my case, start writing AND uploading the articles I’ve written for the Wichita Eagle’s special “Active Life” magazine over the years.

After all, I’m sorta, kinda, maybe a little bit computer literate.  Right?

Well, I thought that I was, but maybe not. Or at least the jury is still out on that.

So I started checking into blog software, hosting provisions, free blog hosting sites,,, ,etc.. I read articles and glanced at some books. I checked other blogs to see what they were using. I asked for advice from some Twitter friends, too, and ended up choosing to use my own domain and my own hosting company. And I picked WordPress.

With a lot of excitement I installed it on my website. And then I saw all these neat blogs with the cool graphics, and I thought, well, I need one of those, so I found a nice young mom on Twitter to tweak me up a nice graphic and background ( and I assured her that I could upload it to WordPress myself.

After all, I still remember a little HTML. I can still kinda, sorta use Dreamweaver.  Piece of cake, right?

Wrong.  It seems that HTML isn’t the answer to putting those cool graphics up and making your blog functional. What you need to know is a neat little programming language called PHP. Or know someone that does. Never mind what PHP stands for (that means I don’t know either), but it’s what makes the site work, and makes it searchable.

So, for a small fee, I found another nice young work-at-home mom named Cathy ( to help me upload and tweak the different parts of the blog.  Cathy made some cool suggestions, so we’re probably gonna tweak it again when she’s got some free time. She even invited me to one of her live on-line tutorial sessions where I learned a lot in an hour, and ‘met’ some other neat gals.

Cathy gave me some ‘homework’ to do.  Sometime this week I promise I’m going to read all this info! Honest. But for now, I’m up and running, and I’ll be uploading some of my favorites from my articles.

So why am I giving these two young woman a ‘free’ plug?

Well, when my kids were toddlers there was no internet. No Ebay. No Etsy. There was no easy way to work from home unless you were sewing, babysitting, or making and selling something. Even with Amway and Avon back then, you still had to leave home. So I admire these young women. And I wish them the best. You go, girls!

And just in case you want to do my ‘homework’ for me, here’s Cathy’s links:

Writing and Publishing a Post
Adding Categories and Tags to your Post

Embedding Media into Your Posts

Customizing your Write Settings

I’d sure love to hear from you! Suggestions are welcome. Both good comments and bad!

How Hard Can it Be to Blog?

By Sherry Stocking Kline

I thought I was pretty computer literate.

And then I decided to get a blog.

So here I sit, wondering how in the world to change the theme and add a customized header.

Also wondering how long will it take me to learn this php ‘stuff’ (programming) that WordPress has as it’s background? And should I give up and get help getting this baby on a roll?


It’s taken me a week longer than I expected it to right now. After all, I’m computer literate. Know some html. Can use DreamWeaver (sort of).  Shouldn’t take long.  Right?


Tomorrow’s another day, and my genealogy blog can wait one more day!

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