Sherry - head shot - 01-28-2015Welcome to Family Tree Writer!

When I first decided to write a genealogy/family history blog, it was because I wanted something to do with the ‘leftovers.’


As a free-lance writer for Wichita Eagle’s “Active Life” magazine, “Healthy Living” magazine, and my “Family Tree” column often generated more information than I could include in each article.

It seemed a shame for all those great ‘leftovers’ to go to waste, so I decided to begin this blog and include old articles, plus some new topics.

The new topics are taking over!   Which is good, because the Eagle stopped publishing most of their monthly special publications and magazines.

So if you’re wondering what you will find here, here’s a list of likely possibilities!

1.  Articles from my Family Tree column. They include the fun, experience, and escapades of many genealogists and family historians

2.  Info from my own family tree! I want to share the info that I have and hope to connect with others who have the info that I don’t!

Here are my surnames: Kline, Stocking, Jones, Smith, Breneman, Rose, Ames (I have no info about these yet, unfortunately), Hawley, Laird, McGinnis, Huff, Conver, and  Corson.

So if we have the same surname, PLEASE leave me a message!!  Let’s work together to fill in the blanks!

3.  My childhood memories. I wasn’t getting my “memoirs” written very fast (read at all) and so putting a few ‘bite-size’ memories down one at a time is painless and fun!

4.   Blogging Challenges such as: Wordless Wednesday, Music Monday, Tombstone Tuesday, Treasure Thursday, and Saturday Night Genealogy Fun!

These blogging challenges are not only a lot of fun, they help us focus on uploading our family genealogy information on the internet for others to find.

And leave me a comment! I love to connect with other genealogists and family historians!

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