Use Your Family Tree Program to Create a Pooch’s Pedigree?

by Sherry Stocking Kline
February 2, 2010

I would never have thought about using my Legacy, Family Tree Maker, or Roots Magic to create a dog’s Pedigree chart, but the Legacy blog shares photographs of how one Pedigreed Pooch owner is keeping tabs on her puppies’ five generation ‘tree.

To read more, see photographs of how the Legacy Family Tree chart looked or read the comments from other dog owners and even horse lovers, click here.

You can get free versions of some of the popular genealogy/family tree software programs.  To check out the free versions of two popular Genealogy programs, go to Legacy Family Tree downloads, and choose the free version, or download the Roots Magic program here.

I won’t be adding my dog’s Pedigree any time soon.  She was a ‘rescue dog’.  I rescued her from being left at a small cemetery out in the country over Memorial Day weekend.

My son says he understands why she was dumped, as she is definitely a ‘barker.’

But when I look into her big brown, soulful (and I keep thinking grateful) eyes, I’m still glad I brought her home.

2 Responses to “Use Your Family Tree Program to Create a Pooch’s Pedigree?”

  • Joan:

    Now I would love to have a family tree for my black German Shepherd — except for the fact I renamed him Colldubh (a celtic name), which won’t match up with all of the Germanic names in his pedigree. Just can’t find a good Celtic Black Shepherd these days.

    • I’d love to see a picture of your Black German Shepherd! Is he huge? I saw one in the back of a pick-up ( a regular sized pick-up mind you) and I swear he took up half the back of it, and his head was HUGE! He weighed 200 pounds if he weighed an ounce. I’d never seen such a huge dog. He was beautiful! I have a small dog that must be part German Shepherd. Thanks for ‘stopping by, and sorry I’ve been so slow responding. Busy week, and me under the weather a bit!

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