Wordless Wednesday – Kenneth Jones

by Sherry Stocking Kline
February 17, 2010

Kenneth Jones, son of Evan & May Breneman Jones, Kingman (KS) H. S.

Here is a photograph of my mom’s cousin, Kenneth Jones, son of Evan and May Breneman Jones, in front of the high school at Kingman, Kansas.

Kenneth and his wife Lois had five children and lived in Duluth, Minnesota on Morris Thomas Road.

Kenneth’s mother, May Breneman Jones Willey lived with them for awhile, and then went into a nursing home called Nopemming (sp?).

Kenneth, Lois, and my great-aunt May have all passed away, and sad to say, we have lost touch with their children, and though I’ve tried to locate them, the last name of Jones is making that difficult.

We visited them several times when I was growing up, and I have very fond memories of horse-back riding at the neighbors, picking wild strawberries, and going agate hunting along one of the many lakes with Kenneth and his family.

Kenneth’s father, Evan Jones, is buried in the Osborne Cemetery, Sumner County, Kansas, near Mayfield.

12 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday – Kenneth Jones”

  • Great memories, I sure hope you will be able to trace Kenneth’s children someday. Keep on trying

    • Thank you so much! I have some ideas for tracing them, but I’ve not implemented them yet, and I need to do that. The Duluth older papers might actually be online, so that might be helpful. Thanks for stopping by…

      • Matthew G. Jones:

        Dear Sherry,

        My name is Matthew Jones. My Father’s name is Charles Jones. My Grandmother’s name was Lois Jones. My Grandfather’s name was Evan Kenneth Jones. They lived on Morris Thomas Rd. in Hermantown, MN which borders Duluth, MN. Lois and Kenneth had 6 children: Jeanne, Lawrence, Lynn, Patricia, Charles, and Kenneth. I’ve been looking for you! Please e-mail me so we can share information. I’ve always wondered about the Kansas side of the family. Where did my Grandfather come from, who his parents were and did he have siblings? If so, who are my cousins? This was fortuitous!

        • I have been looking for your family, too, Matt, to reconnect! I have many wonderful memories of playing with your dad and the neighbor children, picking wild strawberries (HUGE mosquitoes!) and going to local lakes to swim and hunt for agates with your grandfather, whom we called Kenneth, Not Evan Kenneth!

          I will happily share everything I can with you, and if genealogy is your thing, I can ‘take you back’ to your great-grandfather, Evan Jones’ birthplace, Kentucky!

          Thank you so much for stopping and for leaving this note! I will be doing a genealogy ‘Happy Dance’ all week!

  • Lori:

    Sherry, I really love this picture. Isn’t it amazing how many of the old schoolhouses look alike? This could be an old school in Ohio.
    Hope someday you will be able to make contact with the family. Those “Jones” and “Smith’s” and “McBrides” can really drive you crazy!

  • […] Kenneth Jones – in front of his high school in Kingman, Kansas. […]

  • Claire:

    Hello! I am Claire, and this is my grandfather. My mother was Lynn, one of the 6 children of Kenneth. Lawrence, Jean, Lynn, Charles, Kenneth, and Patty. I’ve got a couple of old photos posted on my facebook. if you are interested in receiving copies to see if you don’t have them yet, please contact me.
    Good luck,

  • Lynn E Jones:

    I have many of the same pictures plus many more that I inherited from Granny May. I am pleased to see the work that you have already done on this project. My nephew Matthew is the one that contacted me and provided the link to your site. I will help you in any way I can. I remember Carrie, Harvey, Ira, Jiggs and Dorothy and their sons. Feel free to contact me.

    Lynn E Jones

    • Hi Lynn! I guess you don’t remember me, though I remember you very well. I never came to Minnesota with my brothers, and probably wasn’t even born yet when they came! I was/am a year older than Charley, and we came when I was 11 or 12. Probably 11.

      I will ask Mom about Dad’s (Jiggs) heart attack legend, but it does sound like my dad. He had had his first heart attack before I was born. He was 36, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he did go back out and harvest.

      He died in 1961 of heart disease at the age of 50.

      And yes, I would love to have digital copies of all photos, plus photos of all of you all today! I have been in prayer recently that I could re-connect with all of you, knowing how much it would mean to my mom, Dorothy.

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