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by Sherry Stocking Kline
26 March 2010

Recently I posted about finding my father’s name listed in a family history book on

Dad’s name in the “Three Hundred Years with the Corson Families in America” by Orville Corson obviously meant that at least some of those Corsons were related to us.  I was excited to say the least!

Here was a book that I didn’t know existed because I’ve rarely Googled  generations where I think I already have all the information.   So now I know that you can never learn too much about your family, and by not Googling the living generations I may be missing out on some resources.

Corson Family Association

After finding the name of the book on Ancestry I Googled the book’s title to find places to purchase it, and found two exciting things.

The 1939 book is still available on-line at Higginson books at:

And, there is a Corson Family Association, and a Corson Family Association Website maintained by Michael Corson.

The Corson Family Association website represents several different and apparently unrelated Corson family branches.  There are several Corson Family History Books, as well as the more comprehensive  “Three Hundred Years with the Corson Families in America” by Orville Corson.

When I found out about the book I hoped that there would be more than just  “who begat whom” included because I want to know as much about these people, my ancestors, as possible.

I want to know:

Who are they?
What were their occupations?
Where did they live?
Where did they attend church?
Where are they buried?
What schools did they attend?

And photographs!  Does anyone have photographs?

When Michael Corson told me that the association is working on updating the book, I was excited, because that means we can update our Corson information also!  So, I’m sending off my dues to the Corson Family Association, and looking forward to learning more about this little known and practically unresearched (by me) branch of the family!

And bless Michael’s heart, he helped fill in some of my blank spots in my tree as well, and the in the scanned copies of “Three Hundred Years….” that he sent were not only the “who begat whom” but a little more info AND the resources that were used to put together this information.  (Jackpot!)

So,  if you are researching the Corson family name,  the Corson Family Association Website is excellent place to start!

18 Responses to “The Corson Family Association & Website”

  • Wow, what a treasure trove! Don’t you just love it, when all of a sudden whole new avenues open up. You are going to have some fun!

  • Mark:

    This sound really good and exciting. Tracing your roots is never a tiring thing and for sure this will give surprises than you’ll ever anticipate…

  • […] You can learn more about the Corson Family, Book and Association Website Here. […]

    • Debbie:

      I am also related to Corson Line and would LOVE to hear from others!

      • Hello Debbie! Maggie Corson McGinnis is my great-grandmother. Her parents are Richard Corson and Mary Corson. I don’t have any info about Mary Corson’s parents,so I do not know if Mary was married to a Corson or if she is a distant cousin of Richard. Richard’s parents are Elias Corson and Abigail Steelman. Elias’ father was Peter Corson. At least, that is what I have for right now, but I would have to check and see how far back I’ve documented these folks. I feel confident about Richard and Mary, and it appears that the further back family members I found in the Corson book.

        I’ve been told that my family comes from the “Cape May Corsons.” And a woman from Cape May, New Jersey came to our gen society to do research here in Kansas, and she shared with me that there is a Corson Cove in the Cape May area.

        Do any of these folks show up in your family tree, too?

        • Debbie:

          Peter does …. I guess I need to research if he is the same Peter as in your tree.
          Johannes Courson (1717 – 1770)
          6th great-grandfather

          Peter Courson (1749 – 1828)
          Son of Johannes Courson

          Jacob Corson (1783 – 1842)
          Son of Peter Courson

          Jacob Fiester Courson (1830 – 1917)
          Son of Jacob Corson

          Clara Belle Corson (1859 – 1954)
          Daughter of Jacob Fiester Courson

          Laura Louise Essick (1885 – 1963)
          Daughter of Clara Belle Corson

          Joseph Camp Mattson (1908 – 1980)
          Son of Laura Louise Essick

          Sandra Louise Mattson (1938 – 2015)
          Daughter of Joseph Camp Mattson
          Sandra is my mother

  • of course we need to know our family history so that we can share it to our kids `.*

  • we always keep track of our family tree because it is exciting to know the family tree :`”

  • Cynthia Corson Marshall:

    Stumbled upon this site and was wondering if I am related? I’m the daughter of Philip Corson whose father was from Russia.

    • Hi Cynthia! I would love to stay in contact with you, and we can find out if we are related. I don’t have much information on the Corson family yet, but have been corresponding with Michael Corson, of the Corson Family Association. I think there is a contact form or e-mail on the website, and he can help you learn more about your family. I know that I descend from the New Jersey Corson’s, if that helps you figure out if we are ‘kin’ or not! Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a note!

  • Angela:

    I am related to these Corsons, I’m the great grandaughter of Edna Corson, I have a photo of her grandmother Cordelia Comfort, I’d be happy to send a photocopy as well as some other things. Please email me.

    • I don’t know much about my Corson roots, but hope to find time to learn more this winter. I know that I descend from the New Jersey branch of the Corsons, and would love to know more, and to keep in touch with you. I’m thinking that if this branch is also your family that we must be cousins. I hope we can keep in touch, and I will be e-mailing you!

  • Laura Bajuk:

    Hi Sherry!

    We are probably distant cousins… My maternal great-great-grandmother was Maggie Corson McGinnis, who begat (love that word) Virgil, father of Mildred, who is my mother (Lynne wilson bajuk)’s mother. Grandma talked of the McGinnis gal singing for Lincoln… And my mom has copy of a photo from that day… She was one of many people there.

    Mom is finding out more about the Corsons. Let me know if you want her contact info. Glad to stumble onto your blog!

    Best, Laura
    In Palo Alto, CA

    • Hi Cousin! I’m so glad that you stumbled across my blog, too! Maggie is my great-grandmother, and we have a copy of the photo that you speak of. I have a photo copy of a newspaper clipping where Maggie was interviewed by the Caldwell newspaper when she was 100, and she spoke of singing for Lincoln! What a memory! Lynne Bajuk sent me a copy of the newspaper clipping as well as copies of photos that have Thomas McGinnis in them. I was grateful to see both, as I didn’t know what Thomas looked like.

      Yes, would love your Mom’s contact info. Know either Lynne has mentioned her or my Aunt Mary has. I hope you have had a very Merry Christmas and that your New Year is wonderful!

  • Where can I borrow or acquire these books on the Corsons. My grandmother was Sarah Corson Pennell, who died early in the 1930’s. DMA

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