Loved the Reba McEntire “Who Do You Think You Are?” Episode!

I just loved this week’s episode of “Who Do You Think You Are?” with Reba McEntire!  Since she was raised in our next-door state of Oklahoma, it’s like she’s almost a neighbor!

According to Thomas MacEntee of GeneaBloggers, I’m not the only one who loved this episode!  According to MacEntee the number of viewers went up by 1/3rd and it came in second in its time slot!  Sounds pretty good to me, though I think it ought to be Number 1 in its time slot!

Check out the rest of the stats for the Reba McEntire episode here at the GeneaBlogger’s website!

I have to say that I’ve loved every one of the WDYTYA episodes, but being a big Reba fan made this one special to me!  My hubby, son and I saw her sing in Wichita several years back and she put on an awesome show!

The things that the researcher’s uncovered about Blair’s ancestors, and then this week that they shared with Reba sure was a revelation on the times and the area they all lived in, and reminded me to turn over all the stones in my searches.

I can’t wait till next week rolls around to see what interesting things the researchers share with the guest!

4 Responses to “Loved the Reba McEntire “Who Do You Think You Are?” Episode!”

  • I also loved this episode (though I do have a few quibbles). But what was really exciting to me was when she went to Stringtown – that’s where my paternal grandfather was born!

    • I was disappointed in a thing or two, but I’m just so excited that WDYTYA is back on Friday nights that I hate to be too picky! And I loved this episode and the last one, too. I sure could see that Reba was upset to learn that her ancestor was a slave owner and slave trader. I know that would upset me, too. You know it happened, but you sure hope your family wasn’t a part of it.

      We had company when the Martin Sheen one was on, so I need to watch it online now so I can see it!

      I think it is so awesome to see how much it means to everyone to find out more about their roots! I just hope the ratings stay good enough to keep the show going!

  • John:

    My biggest quibble is the use of websites without mentioning what the website is. The uneducated viewer will likely assume they are returning to Ancestry, as that is the only website they ever mention, and thus must be the only website out there, right?

    It may be part of Ancestry’s sponsorship agreement with the show that they are prohibited from mentioning other genealogy websites. If this is the case, it is still very upsetting.

    • I agree, John! They should share the websites, as well as the paper sources that are accessed! The more folks who get ‘into’ genealogy, the more potential customers for Ancestry, anyhow!

      I am glad that they are showing more paper sources with a half minute how they did it now, and wish they gave a little more how-to, but know they have to keep the non-genealogists interested. I guess I am just so grateful to be able to watch a show that has my ‘addiction’ (and that’s what it is for me!) featured each week that I tend to ignore the shortcomings!

      Thank you for stopping by!

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