Wordless Wednesday – Constantine “Tom” Breneman and his horse and buggy

by Sherry Stocking Kline
January 27th, 2010

My almost Wordless Wednesday!

Here is a favorite photo of mine, my great-grandfather, Constantine “Tom” Breneman and his horse and buggy.  Tom was a Civil War veteran and then later farmed in Sumner County, Kansas, near Mayfield and Milan.  My mother, his grandaughter remembers that  he “had high stepping horses”.

Constantine "Tom" Breneman & Horse & Buggy
Constantine “Tom” Breneman & Horse & Buggy

Constantine “Tom” was married to Salinda E. (Rose) Breneman, but they divorced later in life. Constantine and Salinda had five children, Ira, Albert, Harvey, Otto, Carrie, and May and you can see their photographs here.

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11 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday – Constantine “Tom” Breneman and his horse and buggy”

  • Gorgeous horse and a very spiffy dresser for a farmer. I’ll bet he was headed into town:)

    • Georgous horse is right! I just remembered, I have another pic of just the horse in harness, and I should have posted this one, too. Rats! I bet you are also right about the being dressed up part. He might have been headed to town.

      He also blacksmithed, and should have added that as well, but know he lived on a farm for awhile not so far from where I grew up. I’ve not seen even one picture of him in anything but a suit. Interesting thought. But then, most pics were taken when families gathered for get-togethers of some sort, and that would even include funerals…

  • I love the horse and buggy. Thank you for sharing this photo!

    Keep these ancestor stories coming!

    Bill 😉

    Author of “13 Ways to Tell Your Ancestor Stories”

  • Lori:

    I absolutely love this picture. The gentleman, the horse, and the buggy are handsome! Sometime, post the other picture of the horse too! 🙂

  • Joan:

    I can hardly wait for more pictures of your great grandpa and his high steeping horses! for a good part of my life, horses were an important factor — just hard to move cattle and horses up through the rocky, steep hillsides without a good horse under you.

    • I will try to do that this week, Joan, and thank you for stopping by. I do have one photo that is just of his horse, and that looks like it might have been taken the same day as the other one. And I did mean to post it the same day, and ‘messed up.’ Most of the pics of great-grandpa aren’t with the horse, though I do think I have one or two more. Also have several of the horses my mom grew up with, and none of the ones my dad grew up with. I will post one of my mom’s older brother and his horse Golden River soon. My uncle was quite a guy, and I loved him dearly.

      I was ‘horse crazy’ growing up, but we didn’t have any, and my dad wouldn’t let me have one. My husband bought me one before the kids came along, so I finally got my horse. She was a bit more than I was experienced enough for, but we managed o.k.. I will hunt up some of those pics and post them here as well! She was half-Arab, half Saddlebred, and had a gait that was a pleasure to ride. She had worked cattle at her previous owners, but the only cows we could have used her with were my father-in-laws, and they weren’t used to horses, so we never did after the one time I tried to herd some that were ‘out’ back in. They went back OVER the fence, they were that scared of her. So, I didn’t try that again.

  • Lynn E Jones:

    The horse’s name was Dolly and she was Constantine’s favorite horse according to Granny May. I and my younger siblings spent much time in Granny May’s room listening to her radio “The Shadow Knows” still one of my favorite phrases.

    Lynn E Jones

    • Hello Lynn!

      Mom is sitting here with me, and we are so excited to be back in contact with all of you! Do you remember me? I had a long pony tail, or two braids, when we were there. I remember coming to visit you all so fondly! Mom is now 100.5!!

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