Amanuensis Monday – the John Lindsay/Lindsey Family

Sherry Stocking Kline
August 30, 2010

Lindsay, (Lindsey) John

Born – June 11, 1800 in Enniskillan, Ireland.
Died – October 14, 1885 in Sumner County, Kansas, buried Anson Cemetery (Tombstone Record and his direct communication to George Clarence Lindsay).  See 1880 Census Record.


John Lindsay Married – 1st – Mary Rutledge – July 9, 1833 in Carroll County, Ohio. She was a daughter of Jane Crozier and William Rutledge and was born in Fermanaugh, Ireland about 1813.  Came to America with mother and siblings 1827. Died March 1856, six weeks after the birth of her last child. (Marriage Records Bk 1, p. 1, Carroll County, Ohio)

John Lindsay Married – 2nd – Harriet Barnes – about 1867 in Iowa.  She was born in New York in 1826. (Census Record 1870 Iowa Monroe County, Wautua Twnshp)

How the Lindsay Family came to Live in America…

John Lindsay quarreled with his father about religion and came to Canada in 1818, then to Carroll County, Ohio where he owned 76 acres of land more or less.  This was conveyed by patent deed bearing date at Washington City, D. C., November 18, 1833.

John and Mary sold 6 acres in 1837.  March 15, 1856 he sold the remaining land for $800. (Carroll County, Ohio Deed Bk Volume 15, p. 299)

Moved to Iowa where he is listed in the 1860 Monroe County, Union Township p. 342 with 3 sons and daughter Mary.

The other children remained in Ohio. Listed again in Mantua Township, Monroe County, Iowa, p. 367, year 1870, with wife and children and son Edward 24 by first marriage. Real estate $2800.

Came to Sumner County, Kansas in 70’s (as handwritten on the paper) 80’s and died there. He was a farmer, a reader, interested in books.  6 ft tall, light, looked like Thoreau. Read the Saturday Evening Post to his children by the light of pine knots.  Took great pains and trouble with teaching of youngest daughter, Callie.

A sister, perhaps named Margaret, came later to America, went south to nurse in a yellow fever epidemic and was never heard of again.

Naturalized in Ohio – spelling changed to Lindsey (with an e) by mistake at that time.

Children of John Lindsay

1.    James – b. 1834. Killed at Vicksburg

2.    Ann – b. 1835 or 36 married Ferdinand Wood (born July 11, 1841 d. January 20, 192? (the photocopy cut off last digit))

3.    William Rutledge b. December 28, 1837, married Julia Ann Miller, daughter of Henry Miller and Isabelle Warner, died May 27, 1907, daughter of (?) Ebenezer and Mary Smith. (some of the dates, and people in this part of the account it was difficult to decipher which belonged to who. Please see original on Pioneer Settler File Page 5.)

4.    Sarah – born 1839, married Henry Bracken (left-handed) October 18, 1860

5.    George – born 1842 – Company A 36 Regiment, Iowa Infantry, born Carroll County, Ohio. Enlisted February 1, 1863 at Ottumwa, Iowa. Taken prisoner at Marks Mill, Arkansas, died August 20, 1864 of disease at Camp Ford, TE (again, last letters cut off on photocopy.)

6.    Edward – born 1845 – married in Iowa, went to Woodford County, Illinois, Spring Bay Post Office after 1870.

7.    Mary Elizabeth – born May 7, 1846, Died: July 22, 1929. Married William H. Meuser, Born December 13, 1841, died November 17, 1911, son of George and Katherine Meuser.

8.    John – died in infancy.

9.    Margaret – died in infancy

10.    Eliza A. – born October 19th (or 17th, difficult to decipher), 1853, died May 1929. Married September 3, 1873, John Henry Brooks, born January 12, 1854, died November 4, 1913, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Crozier Brooks.

11.    Martha Malissa, born February 8, 1856, Married 1879, Robert McCort (1850 – 1909) Died September 21, 1909.  He was son of Henry and Margarite Johnson McCort.

12.    Calista – born 1868, married Don Camp. Died February 7, 1943, Long Lane, Wisconsin.

13.    James – died infancy. Born May 1870.

Transcriber’s Notes: The John Lindsay Family Information was transcribed on August 30, 2010 (by Sherry Kline)  from a hand written paper found in the Pioneer Settler/Family Files (originals numbered 4 and 5) at the Sumner County Historical & Genealogical Center in Wellington, Kansas.

I have transcribed this paper as best as possible, though in a couple of  places it is a little unclear which death dates belong to whom, and in a couple of places the photocopy cuts off the edge of the words.

According to notes in this file, Mary Rutledge Lindsay died in 1856, six weeks after birth of last child, which would be Martha Malissa. So, Calista and James would (most likely) be John and Harriet’s children.

This file is part of the Pioneer Settler files that I have been working on transcribing. But John Lindsay’s daughter is also part of  my husband’s cousin’s family.  So, they are almost related!  There is quite a lot of family information and several family group sheets in this family file folder, and I will add more info here,  or create a new post with a little more info about the extended family as time permits.

When I am done transcribing and indexing this large file, it will go back ‘home’ to the Sumner County History and Genealogy Center in Wellington, Box 402, Wellington, KS 67152 for researchers to use.

For those I index and transcribe who are not family (or as in this case, almost family) you can read the transcriptions at the SCHGS blog at

11 Responses to “Amanuensis Monday – the John Lindsay/Lindsey Family”

  • Barbara Lindsay:

    Hi Sherry, I just wanted to thank you because I am a descendent of Edward S. Lindsay/Lindsey. His son Charles spelled his name with the “a” once he got to Texas. I am still trying to go back further and find out more about John Lindsay and his roots in Ireland.

    • I am so glad that you stopped by and left a message! After looking at this file some more, I realized that there are two ties to my husband’s family! My husband’s cousin descends from John’s child, Ann who married Ferdinand Wood. Ferdinand and Ann are also buried here in Sumner County, though I have yet to visit their stones, if I remember correctly, they are on Find A Grave, so you might check that out.

      Then my husband’s aunts ancestors (different side of his family) married the McCort, so that’s pretty interesting! I actually have the file back here at home, but if you will remind me again in a week or so, could see what else might be in there that you might need. I think most of the info most valuable to you is online here, though.

      Which of the children do you descend from? Once again, thanks for stopping by!

      • Barbara Lindsay:

        I am descended from Edward, who had Charles Wesley Lindsay, who had Edward Ellsworth Lindsay, who had two sons with different wives, both who were named Edward Ellsworth Lindsay. My father is the second born Edward Ellsworth Lindsay by the second wife. I am still trying to find more information on John but other than a reference to someone mentioning the Lindsay’s originated from Scotland and then Ireland before coming to the US I can find nothing. Sorry I did not come back to the website sooner to check for a response! I thought I had checked the notify me boxes. Rats.

        • Hi Barbara! I am glad that you came back. I have not gone back through to see what might be valuable to you, but I am going to (seriously) add it to my list of things to do for next Wednesday, and hope that I have time to do it that day. I won’t have time sooner, as it is a large file, and will take time that I do not have right now. You have my apologies for not getting it done sooner, and getting back with you. I need to get this info ‘corraled’ for my husband’s side of the family, too. Most of my own ancestors came over so early that I’m far removed from my immigrant ancestor, so it was exciting to me to discover some who had come over from Ireland so recently. I am fairly certain that I do have Irish ancestors as well, given some of our family names, but they have proved to be elusive to locate! I hope you have a great weekend!

  • Barbara Lindsay:

    Hi Sherry!! Please don’t put pressure on yourself for me. I am working in Virginia but going back to Texas next week for work and vacation, visiting my family. So I will still be checking in, I am going to start working on my family tree with some of the tools you have provided so I can give copies to my dad, brother and sisters.
    You have some mad skills going on!!!!

    • That is so very kind of you to say! Funny, though, how one tends to focus on what they can’t do, or haven’t gotten done! Anyhow, are you interested in that whole family file, or just your ancestor? It is a VERY thick file, with some definite overlap. It may be that more than one person donated to the file, I’m not certain, and I found some of it confusing. I got started by being asked to index the Pioneer Settler files, never dreaming that it would all take hours and hours and hours to get done, and after hours and hours and hours, I’m just now getting into the C’s. I stopped indexing for awhile because they were going to try to scan and upload to Evernote, but realized that so much is hand written it just isn’t going to work like they’d hoped, so when summer winds down a bit, I plan to go back to indexing.

      You might check in with from the SCHGS. I do it as well, and post different things (usually) there. I am a caregiver for my 101.5 year old Mom, so that takes up a lion’s share of my time!

  • Barbara Lindsay:

    Primarily interested in my ancestors but fascinated with the side families and their lives. The day to day information on land, farming, marriages, lives lost in the war, is more real to me now. So I would like to see where all of this goes. I will be reading more on also, hoping to catch a reference to any of the John Lindsay extended family!
    My father is back in Corpus Christi, TX and is 88 and almost completely blind now. I understand the time it takes to be a caregiver. I am thankful that my father’s girlfriend takes such great care of him.

  • Barbara Lindsay:

    Hi Sherry, just checking in with you. My father had a stroke in December and we have been traveling back and forth to Texas to help take care of him. I have been telling my family about what I have in and you. So I thought I would check in again and say hello.
    I hope you are well and your mother.

    • I am sorry to hear that your father had a stroke. I hope he recovers well. It is so hard.

      I am glad you have reconnected with me, as I have too many irons in the fire and often forget my genie promises, but I will try to get into the Lindsay file in the next week! It is a huge file, so you may get bits and pieces of it over a few days!

      Thanks for writing!
      PS Mom doing pretty well for 102 years old now!

  • Barbara Lindsay:

    Hi Sherry, my dad passed away March 9. He was struggling but he’s at peace now. Just wanted to let you know. I haven’t updated his status on ancestry yet. Not ready to do it.
    Your mom sounds like she is doing great for 102!

  • Barbara Lindsay:

    Hi Sherry, I just thought I’d drop you a note. I started researching Eliza Jane Deford who married Edward S. Lindsay, son of John Lindsay. I was able to go back to William DeFord, born 1704 in Queen Anne Talbot, Maryland! There were a lot of already researched Family Trees I hooked up with. Can’t take credit for the research.
    I went home to Texas for Christmas and found some pictures of my great grandfather, Charles W. Lindsay, who was a gunsmith in Houston, TX. I had never even seen pictures of my grandfather much less the great grandfather. I tried to find info on some of the shotguns my great grandfather made but no luck so far. Anyway, I wanted to check in with you. Hope you’re doing well, along with your mom!

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