Wordless Wednesday – Kenneth Jones Fishing

by Sherry Stocking Kline
07 April 2010

I love this cool photograph of one of my mother’s favorite cousins, Kenneth Jones, fishing!   It looks like he is fishing on a fairly large lake, perhaps even Lake Superior itself.

He also fished and hunted for agates (he was an avid and knowledgeable rock hound!) on many of the lakes in Minnesota near their home in the outskirts of Duluth, Minnesota.

Kenneth Jones, Minnesota, Fishing

Kenneth Jones - Fishing

Thanks to Kenneth, and those fun vacation days of hunting agates along the shores of Lake Superior and another beautiful Minnesota lake, I’m still a bit of a rock hound!

We’ve lost touch with Kenneth and Lois’s children, and would love to re-connect with them, so if by chance one of them (or their children) find this blog, I hope you will stop and say ‘hello’ and leave your e-mail address!

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Kenneth’s Mother – May Breneman Jones

Kenneth Jones Toddler photo taken in Wichita, Kansas.

Kenneth Jones in front of his Kingman Kansas High School.

Kenneth’s Grandfather, Constantine “Tom” Breneman and his buggy horse photograph.

Kenneth’s Grandmother, Salinda E. (Rose) Breneman, photo and tombstone photo.

10 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday – Kenneth Jones Fishing”

  • I would like to present you with the Ancestor Approved Award. Please go here to pick it up ==> http://lostmementos.blogspot.com/

  • Melissa Janikowski:

    Hey. Lady, that’s my Grandpa! That photo is more likely to have been taken on Red Lake (MN)…not sure if it would be upper or lower Red Lake. Love those fishing boots! His family moved to Red Lake from Kansas in 1913. Kenneth and Lois actually had 6 children: Larry, Jean(deceased), Charley, Lynn, Patty (deceased), and Kenny.

    • Hi Melissa! We are so excited to hear from you, and grateful to Matthew for sharing this info, though I wish he would write back again, too! I was so sad to hear that Jean and Patty were gone. What did they die from?

      I have lost one brother, Gary, to Prostate cancer, and have my oldest brother, Harold, Jr or “Fred”, who is 80 now, is suffering from the after-effects of skin cancer surgery behind his ear that cut a nerve and has left him with a stroke like appearance and symptoms.

      Bless you all for connecting!

      • Claire:

        For the Jones family, it is emphysema and bad hearts. Lois’ Kenneth at 61 of a heart attach, Jean Jones at 55 by the same thing. Patty had emphysema. Others in the family have emphysema too.

    • Hi Melissa! It is so awesome to re-connect with your family! And yes, that is your Grandpa!! He was, if not my mom’s favorite cousin, one of her favorites! I think he and Hershel Breneman always had special places in her heart. Hershel died a few years ago, too! I’m so glad we got in contact again while my mom is still living!

  • Claire:

    I’ve got a similar photo – but with the boat directly facing the camera and a great view of those amazing boots. This is my grandfather.

  • There are some Jones’ here who have emphysema, and yes, bad hearts, too. Warner, Evan’s brother, died from a heart attack. Warner is my mom’s dad, Carrie’s husband.

  • Lynn E Jones:

    Good morning Sherry. I am Melissa, Claire and Tom’s Mother Lynn E Jones.

    Because I am not a child of the electronic generation, it has taken me a little while to respond. I really wanted you all to know that Constantine’s favorite horse was named Dolly. I did not see the name mentioned in any of the postings. Granny May talked to me a lot about many “Kansas” things and Dolly was pretty high on her list. I have duplicates of many of the pictures on your site as well as others and have always loved them. The fishing picture of Dad was on either Fish Lake or Island Lake. My Mom was the only girl in her family with five brothers: Hugh, Howard, Emmett, William and Gordon Doherty. Dad and my Uncles fished A Lot and I have other pictures taken at this same time and he was with my Mom’s brothers, my Grandma Zella, Grandpa Hugh and my Mom Lois. They were all pretty young in the pictures. I am also interested in Charley Willey, Granny’s second husband. Dad alwys said Charley was very good and kind to him.
    This is all for now….I’ve got some heavy duty gardening to tend to this afternoon. Lynn E Jones

    • It’s awesome to hear from you this morning, and I’ve read your comments/emails to mom, and she is excited to be back in touch with you. It is something we have prayed about, and feel that it is an answer to our prayers to hear from all of you.

      I would so love to have digital copies of the photos, and will share them with family here, too. I wish your Granny May had told you who her father-in-law’s father was. That is my other wish, to learn his name before my mom passes, and it is my biggest brick wall, too!

      Have a wonderful day gardening! The drought here pretty much stopped my garden in it’s tracks!

    • As a PS to my above reply. We did learn that the horse’s name was Dolly from another cousin, but not until after I had posted those photos. This cousin, Selinda, great-granddaughter of Constantine Breneman and named for great-grandmother Salinda, has Constantine Breneman’s Civil War records, and we hope to get together and share those soon.

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